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Click Theory is a new and growing internet marketing agency. Our expertise is in helping businesses achieve real-world business goals by leveraging the ever-evolving world wide web. We’re currently a small team of 3 creative minds and some partners that make an occasional cameo. Please do consider that due to this, our capacity to take on new clients is limited. Nevertheless, we’re always happy to answer any questions and offer advice. Also if we can meet your timeline, and we’re a fit for you, we would love to be part of your success. Please feel free to book a consultation. The initial consultation is on us.

How We can Help You

We have expertise in SEO, PPC advertising and social media marketing. We also develop websites and have some Ecommerce projects underway. These platforms are not our service offerings, however. They are building blocks for our service offering. Our service offering is to helping businesses discover and implement winning strategies, with digital platforms. What are these winning strategies? That’s what we will discuss in your consultation. It starts with your goals. We can help you scale, or build your brand, or drive more transactions. Whatever your business goals, we’re happy to help you achieve them. Please take a look at some of the work we’ve done for other businesses shown below.

Marketing for the Blue-Collar Industry

But wait, there’s more! Are you in a blue-collar market? Two of the three of us here have a blue-collar background. The third is currently being assimilated. (Joking of course. We like the variety.) If your business is in a blue-collar industry, there is a good chance you’ve experienced the struggle of finding marketing and branding parnters that can speak the language that aligns with your brand, and that captures your customers’ attention. Believe it or not, some people have never hauled a pail of blue steam. Or even sent the new tech to the store to ask the parts desk for a wire stretcher. Well. We gotchu covered, friend.

Internet Marketing for Local Businesses

This is where we have the most experience. We can help local businesses be found on Google and leverage the new word-of-mouth. What’s the ‘new word-of-mouth’? Social media platforms and online reviews.

We can help most local businesses compete at a top level their market. This is dependant on a variety of factors, but we make discovering your market potential easy for you. Simply, book a free consultation. We will only promise what we can deliver for you, and we will be completely transparent.

Ecommerce Website Development

Is Ecommerce a Good Idea for Your Business?

Is it E-commerce, ecommerce or eCommerce? Nobody knows. But regardless of how you spell it, it’s growing faster than a dandelion after a rain-shower. We’ve entered into the ecommerce world and we absolutely love it! Now, we didn’t just dive in. We started with months of education before we even touched a live project. We’re still very much a student, but we’re making the right moves(in our opinion), and are on-trend. Meaning, we don’t have any existing processes tying us to what was successful in ecommerce last year, but isn’t the best solution this year. This industry evolves very quickly.

B2B Ecommerce

B2B and ecommerce are an amazing couple. But their relationship is generally a complex one. With B2B ecommerce, often there are products with pricing layers that need to dynamically serve to the right customer group. Sometimes there is even customer-specific pricing. Plus volume discounts, shipping quotes in real-time. Multi-warehouse shipping, sometimes on a single order. Adding to this, your wholesale customers will expect to have an account in your store they can log into to see thier orders, duplicate a previous order, and so on. Yes. Complex. But handsome, when it is done well.

Let’s Do This!

We currently have some exciting ecommerce projects underway. These projects are with some of Alberta’s finest business owners. With their expertise in what they do and a whole lot of market research and strategy on our part, we really feel that we’re gonna knock these challenges out of the park! If you’re considering entering the ecommerce world, or you’re already invested in E-commerce and need help. Get in touch. We may be able to help.

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Sample Our Creations

Here’s a sampler pack of some of our work. Each project had and has unique challenges. Especially in the times of the ‘c’ word. You know. ‘Covid’.

The businesses behind each of these projects are successful because they are owned, managed and staffed by amazing teams. We like to think that as part of these teams, we make a difference.

Jennie’s Diner & Bakery

Jennies Diner Website Screenshot

Jennie's Diner

You know those iconic destination restaurants that make news and social media profile pics? The restaurants that people make a destination for a mini-vacation. Well, this is one of those restaurants.

Jennie’s Diner is owned by Jennie and Cam. …Cam’s name didn’t make the cut for the business name. 🙁 Jennie and her team (and Cam!) put enormous effort into crafting carefully crafted dishes and an unforgettable retro experience.

Woman with natural style eyelash extensions

Our Part for Jennie's Diner

We designed and developed their website. We also take on care and restoration of their antique jukebox. (for real). Currently, we’re evolving their online functionality by building an online ordering experience for them. If that weren’t enough, we’re an integral part of the food quality testing team. 💯

Artistry Blinds Ltd.

Artistry Blinds Website Screenshot

Artistry Blinds

Owned and operated by Lorraine and her daughter Jacquiline, this gem of a window shadings business is a Hunter Douglas blinds Gallery. They have a wealth of experience in their industry. If you call or pay a visit, you can expect down-to-earth friendly greetings. No commissioned salespeople here. At Artistry Blinds, you deal directly with the family.

Woman with natural style eyelash extensions

Our Part for Artistry Blinds

We designed and developed Artistry Blinds website with their target customer in mind. We also manage a Google Ads PPC campaign for them.

Eye Expressions Optical

Eye Expressions Website Screenshot

Eye Expressions Optical

Eye Expressions Optical & Optometry is owned and operated by Dr. Jade and Dr. Dave. Together, they host a facility and team of friendly staff that anyone can see really enjoy being part of the clinic and eyewear gallery. If you’re looking for professional care with a small-town vibe, this is a good choice for your team of eyecare professionals.

Woman with natural style eyelash extensions

Our Part for Eye Expressions

We are honoured to be part of the team at Eye Expressions. We designed and developed their website. As part of their content SEO, we are continuing to develop their website on the front and back end. That SEO effort extends to off-site content and backlink outreach and implementation to help them gain authority. We also manage a Google Ads PPC campaign, as social media content campaign and a social media ads campaign. Finally, we strategically placed our mouse cursor in the screenshot of their website you can see above. Are we going to remove it? Probably not. 🤓

That’s a lot! What does all this do for this business? We suggest searching Google for an eye doctor in Lloydminster as an example of one benefit. That benefit being a leading online presence for their branding: ‘Dr. Jade and Dr. Dave Optometry’, and ‘Eye Expressions Optical’.

Lakeland Fine Floors

Lakeland Fine Floors Screenshot 800px

Lakeland Fine Floors

Owned and operated by local Lakelander, Pattie M. Pattie and her team and have built a reputation as a trustworthy and well priced local business. Lakeland Fine Floors carries a very wide selection of flooring from some of the most popular brands. They offer both supply and installation of their products.

Woman with natural style eyelash extensions

Our Part for Lakeland Fine Floors

We designed and developed their website. We create and manage social media content with the goal of keeping Lakeland Fine Floors top of mind in the Lakeland area.

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